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Innovative Solutions fo all your Container and Storage Needs

Container Rentals & Storage

Needing extra storage? We can help!

We offer secure rental containers starting from 8' long all the way up to 40' long. These units can be brought right to your location or fill them up at ours.

Our rental containers are clean, wind and water tight so you can feel at ease with your items being stored short or long term. The C Can Store Inc. can meet your needs with simple storage solutions. Give us a call and we can assist with the best solution for you.  Or please see our frequently asked questions in regards to renting a storage container.

Storage container rental in Calgary

The C Can Store Inc. provides the best delivery options to supply your container to any location at the most economical cost. We will ask the right questions to get your container placed in the location you choose. This includes lift off capabilities, which way you would like the doors facing and when would you like it!  Get a no obligation quote today.

Calgary storage and freight containers

A street use permit is required for the placement of a moving container in the City of Calgary. This encompasses the use of a street, a sidewalk, an alley, a walkway, a back lane, a boulevard, or traffic control set-up. To apply for a Street use permit, please visit:


9215 40th Street SE
Calgary, AB T2C 4Z5

Phone: 403.452.8889
Email: info@ccanstore.com


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